Hi, my names is James and this is my journey of mental health self discovery to find out how neurodiverse I am. Here are my thoughts and discovers. I hope you enjoy the journey.

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The search never ends

I started this blog looking for answers about my mental health. I think I promised that no matter what those answers were/are I wouldn’t shy away from accepting them. The truth is… I keep having break downs. They can be tagged as Autistic ones. But… Something else is going on when I have them. Another … Continue reading The search never ends


I couldn’t let May slide by without some sort of update. A few things have changed, for one I’m no longer taking Amitriptyline which – to put it mildly, caused a psychotic break. Tricyclic drugs should never be prescribed lightly, and in this case, no one was keeping an eye on how much I was … Continue reading Breakdown

Still not there yet

I’m still struggling. I can’t put it down to any one thing but simply a set of things that happened at once. An anniversary (of sorts), builders working on the outside of the house, the decision that I didn’t need a CPN or support, a birth parents’ birthday… It all happened in a short space … Continue reading Still not there yet