Hi, my names is James and this is my journey of mental health self discovery to find out how neurodiverse I am. Here are my thoughts and discovers. I hope you enjoy the journey.

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All things being even

Followers of this blog will know that my mental health diagnosis has been thrown into doubt recently. Well today is a good day, because I finally have an answer; I am exactly what they said I was before – Autsitic, Depressed, with Mixed Anxiety. I am on the right medication; I am getting the right … Continue reading All things being even

Am I comfortably numb?

It’s an interesting question, have I become comfortably numb? I think the answer is: Yes. I am… Coasting through life at the moment, not really moving but just allowing myself to be pulled along by the tide of life. Maybe with everything going on, with my mental health diagnosis up in the air… I feel … Continue reading Am I comfortably numb?

On turning Fifty

So… It finally happened, I finally hit half a century in terms of age. Experience and wisdom? That’s another matter, lol. But… It is weird to think of the changes I have seen. The fact that we all walk around with what’s in effect a mobile computer in our pockets (mobile phones) is just amazing. … Continue reading On turning Fifty